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I "accidentally" cut up and took apart my old hoop skirt to make it child sized for Little Red :3
I "accidentally" bought this vintage pattern from momspatterns.com

Still have 3 essays to do tomorrow (all pretty easy 3 page, double spaced, 14 font) for an in class test on Wed, and I need 3 pre-essays for a similar test next Tuesday turned in by this Tues... oh and 2 honors Children's Lit papers due this Thursday

Needless to say, I can't wait for this week to be over

Little Red

 1860's style :)

After reading Little Red Cap and Little Red Riding Hood (and about 3 other versions of the story) in Children's Film and Lit last thursday night I had a crazy notion that I NEEDED a red cloak for my Civil War re-enacting. And then it occurred to me: Why not be Little Red for Halloween? :)

So without further ado I present: The Project Plan

The idea, the cloak, the dress, the sketch :)Collapse )

Good luck to all Halloween projects!


The Sunless Summer

To start with, I'd like to apologize for the sudden haitus from everything livejournal and almost everything sewing since what? July? My beautiful, talented, and strong-willed grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer shortly after Mother's day and after a nearly 90 day fight she passed on to God's hands on August 16th. She lived two months more than the doctor's thought she would and her passing was with 7 of her devoted children and her husband. So to say the least its been a busy summer being mother at my house (because my mom was with hers) and working a brand new job, starting school, oh and of course running the Huntington Beach Civil War Days registration again.

I miss my grandmother nearly every day but lately her past words of encouragement with my sewing has fueled my fire again:

Civil War Days madness and picturesCollapse )


Old Fort MacArthur days

 The event this past weekend was the first multi-era reenactment I've ever been too. It was quite confusing at first to see a WWII tank next to a pirate encampment next to Union soldiers. It took Darrell and I FOREVER to find the place (involving much reference to the iPhone and walking up giant hills) but overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to attend in October? Preferably in Revolutionary era dress since I can't do that when Darrell is here. :)

I was a little disappointed that I did not finish the skirt in time (It just needs a hem :\) but I did manage to finish the waist and wore it with my grey wool skirt and an emerald green ribbon/belt thing. AND I couldnt find my cameo or thistle pin so I had to whip up a cravat and pin it on.. not my idea of a terrific outfit
Darrell said I looked great but I think I looked quite last-minute-slapped-together...

The next event is in less than 3 weeks, I'm planning either to just wear my pink dress or actually finish what I wanted to wear to this event 

Computer is finally fixed

 Ugh that was nearly a month of horrible spyware horribleness :\ Who knew it would only take a day with my uncle to fix it all *sigh* oh well.

I started sewing a white waist for Old Ft. MacArthur days next weekend to wear with a (hopefully fixed) black silk waist and maybe a cinnamon wool skirt :) That's a lot of maybe's but I can see it all in my head and I REALLY want to wear it. Will power!

Have a happy 4th of July! I know I will since it will be spent in sewing heaven :)



Just need some ties and we're good to go :)
I'm amazed at how much stuff I can cram in it (makeup, sewing tools, giant scissors, camera, phone, Pride and Prejudice, etc)

It's not that fancy embroidery-wise but I absolutely love it and plan on making more in the future. I just really needed it out of the way so I could start/finish other unfinished projects like:

-yoked bodice dress
-green sash for plaid sheer (which is basically done)
-black silk corselet and white waist
-work petticoat
-brown wool waistcoat for Darrell (since we decided it would be less insanity to buy a frock coat)
-smaller cravat for Darrell

Newland summer outfit

Since Christmas I've been craving a non-holiday looking blouse for my 1890's skirt and now I have the money for it! (Yay!) So I've been brainstorming the past couple of days what colour/style/material I could use to make a dressy but not Christmas-y.
I have a ton of this lace I found antique shopping in Orange:

And then I came across this light pink on Pure Silks.com http://www.puresilks.biz/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=38

Which combined inspired this concept sketch:

Later-1890's sleeve puffs (not eat-you-alive-leg-o-mutton sleeves) with tucks, lace cuffs and maybe baste-in longer sleeves for winter. Silk collar on the neck attached to a lace yoke(?) with scalloped lace frill and shell buttons closing in the back.

My only worry is that the pink will not go with my plum/maroon skirt. Or I'll screw it up somehow like my first blouse which was way too tight in the shoulders and sleeves :\

Derp.. dorky picture.

A 4.0 semester

deserves a 5 star dress :) I've been lurking on Modcloth.com for what? 5 years? And have never bought anything.. until now :) I finally worked up the courage to get myself a congrats-for-getting-all-A's-this-semester dress: http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Blogger+of+the+Moment/Gala+Darling/Soda+Fountain+Dress+in+Cola I can't wait to get it and try it on :D Eep!

In Civil War-ish news I've been pondering what to do to make my sheer dress better. Something just seemed to be missing. So sometime this week I'm going hunting for some forrest green ribbon to make a sash! I'll tack the skirt over the bodice to make it a flat line and then wear the sash over the not pink and green waistband (the waistband is white voile since I only had like 5 yards to make the dress)

What I've been up to

These past few weeks have been so hectic for me. Not only were there finals to worry about but my grandmother was in the hospital and has been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer :\ Which is weird to begin with since she hasn't had ovaries since 1958, but that's a mystery for the doctors to figure out. She's doing better and is scheduled to have in home hospice care this Saturday. So lately I've been fretting, taking care of my dad and brother, taking final exams and keeping the house clean all by myself XD. Needless to say, I haven't had much time for sewing at all.

However, earlier this week I finished a dress I had been working on before finals week :) The pattern is Vogue 1153.

I love the way it turned out, it is so cute and light and fruffly :) The perfect dress for summer and beach days. I can't wait for the weather to stop being gloomy!!

Also I started embroidering a pocket to use with my Civil War impression. I know for sure it's an 18th century thing but it would be so handy to have under my hoop skirt. I know reine_de_coudre  uses one ;) 

This is only the primary design, I figured I could draw more as I went along :)


I wish I have things to post about but sadly this past week and next week will be filled with school school school! I have a 10 page paper due on thursday, a TON of spanish homework and  5 finals in three days. So I must take a break from sewing, socializing and the internet. All I shall leave with are a few reenactment pictures from Costa Mesa.

me with a tiny cannon Darrell and I taken by Ms reine_de_coudre who we had a wonderful time with :)