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Steady Progress

Petticoat- Done!
Bodice- Needs hooks and eyes, possibly sleeves, and trim
(I have a picture but I have since re-cut and sewn the fronts since the original darts were very far apart)

Skirt- Cut, Needs to be made

Cape- Cut, Waiting for wool batting to arrive so I can start quilting the lining :3

It only took about an hour of staring at the wool laid flat on the floor and some good advice from mom to finally cut it out. Both pictures are of the cape folded in half. The second is the lining, cut into gores since homespun does not usually come in 60" wide. I'm so in love with this project already! And I've barely begun sewing and seeing results!

Hood- I've decided to make the hood separate from the cape for versatility :)
I'm using the marquise.de 1859 pattern found here: www.marquise.de/en/1800/schnitte/s1859_8.gif It took me a couple of days and a lot of searching on the internet to actually figure out that the 16in side is supposed to be cut on the fold. (Ohhh!) So, Hood finally cut out but no progress until the wool batting comes :)