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Hair success!

Yay!Collapse )
(I did the hair tutorial I posted about yesterday successfully!)


Ahh Christmas Break, You Are So Close

 As is the Christmas Open House at the Newland.. AHH!

I've been working with Laughing Moon #103 1890's Waists.

I'm desperately trying to whip up A from a white cotton with printed white dots while still surviving the second to last week of school. I don't even know where the old waist is so I have no choice but to make the new one (and I wouldn't be complaining if it weren't for the time constraint)

Here's to hoping!

Oh and here's a fun braided up-do tutorial I started playing around with this afternoon (while not sewing like i should have.. derp)


I'll have to try it tomorrow after my shower because giant, puffy thick hair did not want to cooperate. XD

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 I know what my next sheer dress is going to look like 


Edit: Found from http://www.flickr.com/photos/76452380@N00/sets/72157625358316217/with/5219232803/

Oh hai, event pictures :)

 I'm too tired from school, work, and general nonsense to go into great detail. So I'll let the pictures do the talking. Until the end of the semester, I'll really need to give up sewing to get as high a GPA as I can sooo there will be a long silence (if all goes according to plan) here. As if I've been the talkative type...


Wow... I JUST noticed how lop-sided my collar is... no wonder I was getting strange looks.. haha I jest. I hope I wasn't getting strange looks..

Meet Spice Pig and see lop-sided collars!Collapse )


More thoughts

 Yesterday I bought a TON of velvet ribbon to trim the cinnamon wool bodice with :) However I have since realized that my curvy design cannot be done with velvet ribbon.

I can't decide between the almost diamond shaped trim (on the seated girl in the 1st photo) or the trim in the second picture.


 I love how unique the first one looks and Captain Rivers would approve of the militaristic style.. but, I've always loved the gracefulness of the second. Decisions decisions!


 There's a reenactment coming up in 3 weeks(or so), one of the biggest ones and I *REALLY* want to have my cinnamon brown wool dress done by then. I know I want to have a double pointed bodice in the front and I have pretty jet buttons for it already. I just can't decide how I want the sleeves....

EDIT: probably going to go with a coat sleeve thats a little fuller at the top so almost like leg-o-mutton but not quite as FULL

Two more pictures from the partayCollapse )

Oh and in case you forgot, today was the feast of Saint Crispin! We few, we happy few, we band of brothers... etc


 So far only one picture of all of us has been uploaded. Grr. But! There will be more on actual Halloween :D

vampire geisha, person from Tron, draenei, and little red riding hood
I love my dorky friends! :D

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Quilting :)

 I was wondering why I sudden became sniffly and sneezy out of nowhere... and then I noticed this

Giant pile of wool fluff? Sneezing? There may very well be a correlation.......... 

In other news, I abandoned studying yesterday to quilt the cape of my quilted hood :)

The cap, crown, brim part is all drawn up and I've already done two small triangles. The cape and the cap's quilting will be pointing towards each other and I plan to have the brim in a cross hatch design. I love hand quilting! :)


 I'm excessively pleased with how this project is going to look :) In hindsight I would have switched the types of wools I used (make a gab dress and a flannel cloak) but color was more important to me than being a little chunky in the flannel bodice. Its only noticeable in the back which will mostly be covered by the cloak :)

I received my wool batting today and am taking a break from cutting it right now. Its like cutting cotton candy, or a cloud. I love it!! From http://www.sugarloafwool.com/ I highly recommend their products! Fast shipping and beautiful wool. All that needs to be done is make the quilted lining (*laughs* I make it sound like nothing when its the bulk of the work left and my deadline is Oct 23rd..), somehow make the skirt longer.. dunno how it ended up being shorter than the petti when I based my measurements off the petti...., hooks and eyes and finish up the hood (if I have time) If not then I will make the hood look done..

Aaaaannyways, I need to finish cutting the batting before my cat realizes there is 3 yards of wool all laid out for him to play on....... yeah right Mr Kitty, keep dreaming

Steady Progress

Petticoat- Done!
Bodice- Needs hooks and eyes, possibly sleeves, and trim
(I have a picture but I have since re-cut and sewn the fronts since the original darts were very far apart)

Skirt- Cut, Needs to be made

Cape- Cut, Waiting for wool batting to arrive so I can start quilting the lining :3

It only took about an hour of staring at the wool laid flat on the floor and some good advice from mom to finally cut it out. Both pictures are of the cape folded in half. The second is the lining, cut into gores since homespun does not usually come in 60" wide. I'm so in love with this project already! And I've barely begun sewing and seeing results!

Hood- I've decided to make the hood separate from the cape for versatility :)
I'm using the marquise.de 1859 pattern found here: www.marquise.de/en/1800/schnitte/s1859_8.gif It took me a couple of days and a lot of searching on the internet to actually figure out that the 16in side is supposed to be cut on the fold. (Ohhh!) So, Hood finally cut out but no progress until the wool batting comes :)